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CA Attorney General Kicks Sheriff Villanueva Off L.A. Supervisor Probe

Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he’s recused himself from his department’s raid on his enemies but DOJ is taking over anyway
marilyn manson

L.A. Sheriff Sends Marilyn Manson Sex Crime Probe to D.A. Gascón

After a 19-month investigation of sex abuse allegations, the district attorney will decide if he can make a charge against Manson stick

Judge Orders Sheriff to Stop Searching Seized MTA Computers

The LASD raids on Villanueva's enemies look even more buffoonish as legal professionals, like the D.A. and a Superior Court judge, weigh in
alex villanueva

A Judge’s Ruling May Force Sheriff Villanueva to Discuss Deputy ‘Cliques’

L.A. County's sheriff is trying hard to dodge an inspector general subpoena regarding 'deputy secret societies,' but he's nearly out of options
alex villanueva

The Sheriff’s Department Says It Will Start Naming Deputies Who Shoot Civilians

Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that officers' names will now be released within 30 days of an incident—but there are stipulations

Los Angeles’s Long Tradition of LASD Scandals

Lee Baca’s not the only sheriff in town known for shady deals
Sheriff Baca

The Downfall of Sheriff Baca

The word from prosecutors is that former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is set to plead guilty today in a courthouse downtown