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Newsom Aide: Railing Against COVID Response Will Haunt Republican Recall Candidates

“This is a moment in history, and you were either on the right side or the wrong side,” says strategist Ace Smith
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A Crushing Defeat Only Left Larry Elder Hungry for More

Many California voters may be done with the leading recall challenger, but he's made clear he isn't done with California
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Who Lost—and Who Lost Even Bigger—in the California Recall

From the California GOP to California taxpayers, we survey the damage of a doomed and really, really expensive attempt to oust Governor Gavin Newsom
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Here’s What Angelenos Had to Say as They Headed to the Polls on Tuesday

On the morning of the gubernatorial recall election, voters explained why they'd be voting "yes" or "no" on a consequential question

Warning of Trumpism, Biden Tries to Help Newsom Run Up the Score on the Recall

Putting the recall race into perspective, the President told a crowd in Long Beach Monday night, “The rest of America is counting on you, and so am I"
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Some Recall Supporters Are Already Playing the Election Fraud Card

From Donald Trump to Larry Elder, Republicans' preemptive and unsubstantiated fraud claims are finding a receptive audience
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President Biden Heads to Long Beach Today to Stump for Governor Newsom

With a day to go until the recall election, California's governor is bringing the big guns to SoCal

A New Poll Shows Energized Dems and Larry Elder Could Help Newsom Breeze Through the Recall

In the homestretch, likely voters who want to keep California's current governor in office far outnumber those who want him out
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There’s Only a Week Until the Election. Here’s What’s Happening in Recall World

GOP strongholds waver as the guys behind the recall grow weary of Larry Elder's "extreme" rhetoric
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A New Poll Indicates the California Recall Isn’t Likely to Succeed

Likely voters who oppose the Republican-led effort to oust Governor Gavin Newsom appear to far outnumber those who are for it