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Larry David and Alan Dershowitz

Larry David Curbs “Trump-Loving” Alan Dershowitz in Supermarket Showdown

The legendary comedy star was not amused by his former friend’s defense of the former President
barbara boxer pac mueller report

Barbara Boxer Can’t Get Enough of Reading the Mueller Report

After a star-studded live performance of the special counsel's damning report, the former senator says, "It’s simply obstruction in plain sight"
mueller report

Barbara Boxer Enlists Larry David, Billy Porter, and Other Stars for a Live Reading of the Mueller Report

The former California senator is raising PAC funds with 'You Can't Make This Sh*t Up!'
curb your enthusiasm locations los angeles

The Guy Behind the O.J. Tour Is Now Leading a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Tour Through L.A.

Follow in Larry David’s footsteps—just don’t ask him to take off his shoes at your party

The Underdog

How comedian Louis C.K. has transformed futility into a winning career

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, Together Again

Let the festival of mundanity begin!

Star Vehicles: Larry David and Jon Hamm Take Alt Transportation For a Spin

“Clear History,” an eco-spoof about a risky electric car start-up, veers close to reality