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conan o'brien

Conan O’Brien Says His Talk Show Set at the Largo Was Burglarized

The comedian has been filming from the storied L.A. theater to bring awareness to how the pandemic is impacting small venues

Megan Mullally is Playing Largo, and We Talked to Her About It Because How Could We Not?

Tickets to see her band Nancy And Beth are still available

Journey Into Patton Oswalt’s Impossibly Nerdy Mind

He's a walking supergeek encyclopedia

L.A.’s Top Literary Events in April

From the biggest literary festival in the country to a throwdown between some of the city's best writers, there’s something for everyone this month
Neal Brennan

My LA to Z: Neal Brennan

The stand-up comedian talks “punishment vegan," workshoppy comedy clubs, and his distaste for movie previews

Curtain Call: Tim Minchin Brings Matilda The Musical to Los Angeles

The composer will also do a stand-up comedy set at Largo on Monday

10 Ways to Unwind in L.A. This Weekend

From a veteran R&B singer and a chainsaw-wielding artist to Australian art pop and comedians lying through their teeth

Music Video Monday: Paul F. Tompkins – “Skyfall”

This isn't a traditional music video. It doesn't have outlandish costumes, slick editing, and a hot singer lip syncing to a playback of their own song. It does, however, have dancing girls.