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LA Mayor

Your Guide to Power in L.A.

Who has more mojo—the mayor or the city council? It’s hard to vote when you don’t know a controller from a commissioner. A primer on local politics

Special Cram Report: Statewide Manhunt Underway For Ex-Cop Involved in Shootings

State and federal employees today are searching for former LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, a suspect in a double homicide that occurred over the weekend and the shootings...

LAPD Purchases New Sophisticated Heat Beam Which We Call a “Laser”

We suspect that Dr. Evil, were he real and a traffic officer, would be pleased.

CityDig: What the LAPD Leaves Behind at Parker Center

From 1955 until 2009, when most staff moved to a new administrative building a block away, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Parker Center was as a proud symbol of police modernization and a focal point for controversy. Last week Chief Charlie Beck padlocked its front doors, and the aging building now stands vacant.

Safety in Numbers: Highlights From L.A.’s 2012 Crime Report

Great news: Crime in L.A. has continued to drop for the tenth straight year, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Police Chief Charlie Beck announced.

Q&A: The Week in the Life of Superintendent John Deasy Following the Shooting at Sandy Hook

Dr. John Deasy tells us how he responded—professionally and personally—to the tragedy in Newtown.

20 Years After: The Cop

Andrew Smith was changed forever by the Los Angeles Riots

A Whole New Badge

Today’s LAPD is more Latino, more engaged, and more honest about its past. Does any of that make us safer?

William Bratton Is the Most Famous Cop in America

He’s hot-tempered and can be as blunt as a Billy club. But Chief Bratton gets the job done