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Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

The king of crooners meets the queen of art pop.

Six Awards We’d Like to See at the Grammys and the Oscars (and Who We Think Should Win)

With two of awards season's biggest soirees upon us, we hand out our own statuettes

10 Ways to Have Fun in L.A. This Weekend

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Trend Alert! Septum Piercings are Suddenly Back In

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Red Carpet Wish List

Versace, Prada, and Dior will surely be there, but we hope these up-and-coming designers make an appearance at the Golden Globes on Sunday, too

Kickstarting AIDS Awareness for the Younger Set

Lady Gaga could make her big-screen debut as Ruby, a musical prodigy whose rise to fame is coupled with a descent into a world of drugs and HIV/AIDS, but only if the flick's crowdfunding campaign pays off

The Craziest Looks of Grammys Past

As CBS issues Grammy Awards "wardrobe advisory" and threatens to rain on the red carpet with dress rules, we look back at some of the wildest ensembles of the award show's past.