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The IQ of Ford Consoles Is About to Sky-Rocket

This super-computer feels like a precursor to the driverless car

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The Truth About Powertrain Warranties

Yes, you really do need it. And no, the often-standard feature is not as mysterious as you think

Lady Driver: How the Mustang Shifted Gears Toward Women

It’s the Pony’s 50th birthday, and we’ve got baby pictures! Vintage ads show a brand that was finally willing to speak to the female auto market

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The Coker family goes Hollywood in a new Travel Channel reality series called "Backroad Gold"

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Lady Driver Detour: A Word On Luxury

We often spend more time with our cars than we do with our significant others. That’s love, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s luxury

Lady Driver: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Automobiles

A conversation with Joe Molina, President of JMPR.