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Still in the Dark About the DWP Scandal? Here’s a Primer

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power corruption saga has been in the news again recently. Let's get caught up
ladwp fbi

Everything You Need to Know About the FBI Investigation of the L.A. Department of Water and Power

There’s been a lot of FBI activity in City Hall lately. Let us catch you up on the latest scandal.

Drought Data: The Surprising Numbers Behind Household Water Use

So you think you’ve maxed out on the H2O you are able to save? A quick dive into the facts and figures might help you squeeze a few more drops out of your bill

Space Savers: Meet the People Fighting to See the Past in L.A.’s Future

Experts weigh in on how historic places in Los Angeles will look in 2020 and beyond
Silver Lake

This Map Shows Silver Lake Before It Was an Artists’ Enclave

Birds, fish, and Billy Mulholland loved the Silver Lake Reservoir first

How L.A. Works: Water Mains

As discussions about our city's water infrastructure pick up, here’s what’s bubbling below our feet

Planting Succulents is Now Your Civic Duty

Mayor Garcetti will pay you to go native in your yard