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Before You Feed That Meter, Here’s When L.A. Doesn’t Enforce Certain Parking Restrictions

Indigenous Peoples' Day is one of 10 holidays when L.A.'s parking enforcement officers give it a rest
myfigureroa my figueroa bicycle lanes downtown los angeles

The New Figueroa Street Bike Lane Tames One of L.A.’s Scariest Cycling Streets

A sneak peek at the ambitious—but hardly seamless—MyFigueroa project

Dash Buses Go Electric While Metro Sticks With Natural Gas

The first electric bus recently debuted—we just need about 2,400 more

Dozens More Speed ‘Humps’ Coming to L.A. Streets

You can thank (or blame) Waze for their resurgence

LADOT Head Seleta Reynolds Tackles the Dangers of Traffic in Los Angeles

One of her many strategic goals involves ridding the city of traffic-related fatalities by 2025

Parking in Westwood Is Becoming Less Horrid

The Village's meters just grew brains
bike friendly

The Ride of Way: A View of Los Angeles from a Bicycle Seat

L.A. is becoming more bike friendly, but it has miles to go before being safe for cyclists

LADOT Tries Out New Traffic-Calming Signal: The Flashing Yellow

The change comes after a pedestrian was killed at Venice and Robertson boulevards