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After 3-Day Strike, LAUSD Service Workers Reach Tentative Contract Deal

The workers' demand for a 30 percent pay increase seems to have been met, along with bonus payments, retroactive pay and full health benefits

Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees Their Lives Could Get Even Worse

Musk’s latest email to his newly acquired Twitter drones ends the virtual workplace policy and describes a dire economic future

West Coast Dockworkers and Shippers Avoid Strike, Will Talk for Now

The contract between shipping companies and 22,000 West Coast dockworkers affiliated with the longshoremen's union ran out over the weekend
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As Fares Rise and Rates Plummet, California Rideshare Drivers Are Staging a Strike

At a series of protests across the state, Uber and Lyft drivers will call for the Senate to pass a piece of pro-union legislation
farm workers coronavirus

Farm Workers Are Still in the Fields as the Pandemic Spreads

Brave workers are keeping our food supply chain going–even if it puts them and their families at risk
closed restaurants coronavirus help for restaurant workers

People Are Pitching In to Help L.A.’s Independent Restaurants and Their Workers (and So Can You)

From relief centers to fundraisers, here’s what’s being done–and how you can support the efforts
video game union organizing

Video Game and Tech Company Workers Are Turning to Unions for Labor Protection

An industry known for “crunch times” and toxic workplaces is the latest to see a wave of organizing activity

Freelance Journalists Sue California Over Controversial Labor Law AB 5

California assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez's legislation has self-employed writers in panic mode
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MOCA Workers Move to Unionize Just as the Museum Preps to Drop Entry Fees

The demand that the union be recognized comes just weeks after a similar move at the Marciano Art Foundation
ramiro gomez

Ramiro Gomez Looks Into the Inner Lives of L.A.’s Laborers

The artist and former nanny has long put L.A.'s monied populations face to face with the people who serve them—now he's going deeper