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What’s On in L.A. This Weekend: Welcome to Chippendales, Enchanted, L.A. Zoo Lights

Also, Elton John makes his way to L.A. for a stop at Dodger Stadium and a trifecta of concerts amid his final tour
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L.A. Zoo Is Launching an Ambitious Plan to Conserve Wildlife—and at a Crucial Moment

Biologist Jake Owens gives us a sneak peek at the zoo's new conservation strategic plan, which tackles environmental justice, the illegal animal trade, and more
la zoo open social distancing

The L.A. Zoo Reopens After a Second Pandemic Break

Time to social distance with a giraffe
condor la zoo hatchling

California Condor Hatchling Peeks Out at the L.A. Zoo

The rare bird hatched on Thursday night

Without Visitors Around, the Animals at the L.A. Zoo Are Living It Up

The L.A. Zoo has been off-limits to humans since March, but the 1,100 animals who call it home are wild about pandemic life

The L.A. Zoo’s Mandrill Babies Are Here to Make You Believe Again

Stare into their big eyes and awwwww the afternoon away

Go to the Zoo Immediately and Stare at These Impossibly Cute and Super Rare Snow Leopard Cubs

If Josephine Baker can have a pet cheetah why can’t we have a pet leopard?

Have Some Beers. Tell a Zebra about Your Screenplay. “Brew at the Zoo” is Friday.

Dozens of craft beers, including one made by a gorilla, will be available

You Can Now Feed the Giraffes at the L.A. Zoo

The giraffes get food, and the humans get giraffes. Win-win.