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Eric Garcetti’s Exit Interview

In his last major interview from City Hall, Eric Garcetti gets candid on crime, race, the City Hall scandal and the highs and lows of his nine years as mayor

The Next 61 Days of L.A.’s Mayoral Race Will be a Slugfest

Cityside Column: It’s go time for Karen Bass and Rick Caruso. For the next two months, L.A. politics is going to get white hot

A Caruso Candidacy Could Lead to an Epic Mayoral Election Battle

Cityside Column: The newly registered Democrat will find supporters--also encounter a lot of hostility on the campaign trail

Election Midyear Report: Angelenos Will Vote for Mayor In Six Months

A look at local races with precisely half a year until Election Day

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Mike Feuer Picks His Lane As Race Takes Shape

Is the city attorney's campaign strategy a winning one?