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A Presidential Library: Highlights From GOP Strategist Frank Luntz’s Private Magazine Collection

Of the many magazine covers in the GOP strategist's home study, these eight are his favorite

The Castle on the Hill

It was one of the largest Craftsman homes ever built—and 100 years ahead of its time in eco sensitivity. For 25 years its owner has painstakingly restored more than 13,000 square feet of artisanship

Prime Finds: Creature Comforts

The menagerie moves indoors with kitschy kitchen accessories and high-end pottery

Interview Outtake: Kevin Bacon Zings New York

Photograph courtesy wikipedia.org Bagels, theater, sports teams, food trucks—when it comes to the culture war that is New York vs. Los Angeles, we’ve thought we’d heard every argument in the...

The Eagle Has Landed

In its second life as a home, a high-flying Boeing 747 comes down to earth in the mountains overlooking Malibu.

Affairs of Estate

 Lafayette Square The 19th-century idea of neighborhoods designed as worlds apart—the sky-piercing Victorians of Angelino Heights, the royalty-worthy castles of Chester Place—appealed to George Crenshaw, who used his banking fortune...

The Outdoor Room Grows Up

Landscape designers Scott Shrader and Jay Griffith were focusing on the attractions of the outdoor room long before it became a shelter magazine fixture and the subject of an...

Treasure Seekers

Good View Hunting The city vista is what photographer Peter Vitale coveted most in Hayworth Tower, a 1931 art deco gem that he found while looking at hundreds of rentals...

Casa Vidal

   An 18th century diptych by Italian painter Paolo de Matteis was so large that it was mounted on the ceilingThe chandelier, mirrors, console, table, and chairs also resided in...

Home Sweet Beach

Front Row Seat, Hermosa Beach       The Age of Romance, Santa Monica       Open to Contemporary, Playa Del Rey