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Eyes on the Road: How the 405 Went From Solution to “Jamzilla”

Who knew that these lanes were once an escape from traffic?

Little Car, Big Impact

A nod to the MINI Cooper’s versatility.

Traffic Jams with Aloe Blacc

Three essential genres for this rising pop star's commute playlist

Lady Driver: Meet The “Duck Dynasty” Family of the Tire World

The Coker family goes Hollywood in a new Travel Channel reality series called "Backroad Gold"

CityDig: An E-Z Way to Get Around L.A.

Consider this clever fold-up map an initial iteration of Mapquest

CityDig: The Inaugural Test Drive of L.A.’s First Automobile

At 3 o’clock in the morning on May 30, 1897, J. Philip Erie and Samuel D. Sturgis made local automotive history (but no one was around to see it)

Wheeling and Dealing: L.A. Car Spots Through The Decades

Take a spin through our slide show of favorite old car advertisements from the pages of Los Angeles magazine