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Museum Guard

As a diligent protector of LACMA’s art collection, officer Gene Terry is one of a kind

First Responder

Veteran firefighter Kendal Koneval saves lives now and thinks about danger later

L.A. Archetype: Escape Artist

Performer Curtis Lovell II likes to challenge death on a daily basis—and win.

Celebrity Florist

Petal pusher Kimm Birkicht is at the top of her field as a floral designer to the stars

Self-Defense Instructor

Christy Adair teaches women how to talk tough, punch hard, and stand tall

Musso & Frank Grill Waiter

Sergio Gonzalez dishes on his 41-year tenure as a server at one of L.A.’s great institutions


Sharon Brous is reinventing what it means to be Jewish, starting with the guilt trip

Location Scout

It’s Lori Balton’s job to take in the scenery and bring it to the big screen

Judy Garland

For tribute artist Peter Mac* there’s more to becoming Dorothy than a pair of ruby slippers

Rock Muse

➻ “I worked at a clothing store called Denise’s Place, and there was a lovely woman who came in and introduced her boyfriend. He said, ‘Hi, my name is...