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L.A. Archetype: Perfume Spritzer

When it comes to her work, fragrance expert Loretta Owens likes to spray it, not say it
Metro Paleontologist

L.A. Archetype: Metro Paleontologist

Kim Scott has tunnel vision when it comes to history, digging up what’s below the surface

L.A. Archetype: FX Makeup Artist

From hand-sculpted masks to bloody wounds, Glenn Hetrick gives nightmarish makeovers

L.A. Archetype: Grove Concierge

Stephen Whitney and his team offer a warm reception for tourists and locals
L.A. Archetype

L.A. Archetype: Foley Artist

Thud! Pop! Thwack! Listen closely to hear the sound effects created by John Roesch

L.A. Archetype: Wedding Planner

Celebrity-event producer Yifat Oren helps couples eat, drink, and be married

L.A. Archetype: Psychic

Clairvoyant Naha Armády is a crystal baller

L.A. Archetype: Waxer

For Alexis Benveniste, getting into sticky situations is all in a day’s work

L.A. Archetype: Dominatrix

When it comes to her career, Mistress Justine Cross takes orders from no one

L.A. Archetype: Raw Foodie

She may never touch an oven or a stove, but Ani Phyo has a hot culinary career