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Lorri L. Jean Protects LGBT People in L.A. and Beyond

The CEO of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center provides LGBT Angelenos medical services, career resources—even lodging—while fighting for civil rights nationwide

Adele Yellin Nourished Downtown’s Revival

The owner of Grand Central Market turned the 97-year-old landmark into a true culinary destination, pushing downtown's revitalization forward

Rebecca Ninburg is Skating into Sports History

The cofounder of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls, a volunteer-run Roller Derby league, is redefining femininity

Susan Feniger is Los Angeles Magazine’s 2014 Game Change Hall of Famer

The food pioneer created for Los Angeles a flavor all its own
eva longoria

Eva Longoria Is ‘More American Than Bill O’Reilly’

The actress talks with Amy Wallace about brains, beauty, and the importance of giving back

Shamim Momin Believes Art Should Be Everywhere, Not Just Museums

Her nonprofit organization, Los Angeles Nomadic Division, supports local artists while beautifying L.A. with public art

Tara Roth Could Make L.A.’s Dreams Come True

The president of Goldhirsh Foundation launched LA2050, a civic advocacy program that invests in the future of L.A.

Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton is Los Angeles Magazine’s Woman of the Year

The Alzheimer’s researcher tells students: If you want to change the world, become a scientist

Ivory Freeman Gives Hope—and Prom Dresses—to L.A.’s Underserved Girls

The founder of the Bessie Morris Foundation teaches leadership skills to inner-city kids

Kathleen Kim Speaks for Local Victims Without a Voice

The Loyola Law School professor, a member of the Los Angeles Police Commission, studies human trafficking