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From Kylie to Elon, the Heels of Private Jet Culture Are On Notice

Mega-rich celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Taylor Swift and Elon Musk are being roasted for spewing megatons of air pollution and treating their private jets like flying Ubers

Elon Musk Easily Beats Kylie Jenner for Wasteful Private Jet Trips

The Tesla CEO and space pioneer has reportedly been taking five-minute flights up the golden coast

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tragedy: 10 Newest Developments

Eight people were killed and hundreds were injured at the Astroworld Festival in Houston
kylie jenner blackfishing

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Coronavirus Outing Revives ‘Blackfishing’ Chatter

Barefoot and smiling, the mogul was snapped looking plenty different during the pandemic
celebrity consignment

Awards Season Is Over. Now’s Your Chance to Snag Celebs’ Cast-Off Loot

VIPs aren’t above making a few bucks offloading freebies at high-end consignment shops and sites
kim kardashian west fashion nova

The Internet Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Leaking Her High-Fashion Looks to Fast-Fashion Brands

Theories are floating around that the Kardashian is in cahoots with fast-fashion brands to produce her looks on the low

Watch Kylie Jenner Discuss Her Puzzling New Year’s Resolutions

Spoiler: They involve pretty much nothing