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Kristen Bell Describes Her Ultimate Hell on Earth

In the land of the living, The Good Place actress is nothing short of heavenly
Mary Steenburgen

Oceana’s Concert For Our Oceans Brought Out Some Big Voices

Mary Steenburgen, you are a rock star

Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell Get in the Indie Spirit

They'll host this year's Potty-Mouths by the Pacific (otherwise known as the Film Independent Spirit Awards)

Curtain Call: Why is “Hair” at the Hollywood Bowl Bringing Adam Shankman to Tears?

Hint: The director and choreographer has only two weeks to let the sunshine in on the three-night production

Q&A: Kristen Bell on the “Veronica Mars” Movie, Demanded and Funded by Fans

The actress goes back to her roots for a film continuation of the popular teen investigator series and tells us about it in our March issue