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Los Angeles National Public Radio Station KPCC Rebrands as LAist

KPCC, L.A.’s National Public Radio Station, Rebrands as LAist

Both entities are owned by parent media organization Southern California Public Radio, which determined LAist now has stronger brand recognition
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Seth MacFarlane Is Now One of Hollywood’s Top Democratic Money Men

The Family Guy creator is (almost) up there with Spielberg and Katzenberg

After Mayor Garcetti’s PR Visit with a Homeless Woman, the City Threw Out Her Stuff

KPCC reports that a woman named Chiselle met the mayor, then lost everything
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Seth MacFarlane Is Donating a Lot of Money to Public Radio to Fight Fox News

The Family Guy creator says he is “embarrassed” to work for Fox

How to Get Into an L.A. Frame of Mind Anywhere in the World

Summer vacations shouldn’t entail leaving all of your local loves behind

Take a Ride with Angelyne to Help Public Radio

Off-Ramp host John Rabe and Angelyne want to take you to dinner at Harlowe

Hearing Latino Voices in Contemporary Culture

Music journalist and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop author Jeff Chang and screenwriter-filmmaker Rodrigo García join a discussion

The First 50 Days: Catching Up with Madeleine Brand

Chatting with the Press Play host about producing a daily magazine show, L.A.'s inferiority complex, and the cat art beat

Ask Chris: KPCC’s R&B Past

Whatever happened to the Raphsody in Black show?

Madeleine Brand + KCRW: The Two Tastes That Taste Great Together

It's the news that L.A. media watchers have been expecting for nearly a year: Madeleine Brand is returning to radio--this time at KCRW.