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Try This: Korean Canine Soup (With Chicken, We Swear)

This super spicy cure-all is for the dogs

This Soup Will Cure Your Saint Patrick’s Day Hangover

Korean haejangguk to the rescue!

Going To the Dark Side with Jja Jang Myun

Because everything is better fried—even noodle sauce!

Oyster Tofu Stew: A Pearl in a Clay Pot

Korean tofu stew (aka sundubu jjigae) never fails to soothe our weary bones on a cold, winter day.

TONIGHT: Rock Me, Amadeus

Equal parts pop diva and futuristic alien dandy, Korean violinist Amadeus Leopold returns to L.A.

Seolleongtang: Korean Beef Bone Soup Soothes the S(e)oul

Though the broth is decidedly simple—just beef bones and water—seolleongtang is a rich, invigorating soup that's perfect for warming your bones.

Oppan Gangster Style: Roy Choi’s “Taco Coreano” Rolls Deep into Mexico City

Inspired by L.A.'s gourmet & fusion taco truck craze, Korean tacos are now finding a welcome home in Mexico City.

Asian Persuasion: Cold Comfort Korean at M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica

Naengmyeon (aka Korean cold noodles) and kimchi dumplings get a wonderfully refreshing transformation.

Donkkaseu: A Delicious Korean Twist on Japanese Katsu

Japanese breaded pork cutlets (tonkatsu) get a saucy Korean makeover in a Northridge food court, and we think Eddie Lin might just be in love.