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new korean restaurants

4 Exciting New Korean Spots to Try

From a restaurant that blends Korean and Italian influences to homestyle dishes at Grand Central Market
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This Itinerant Korean Pop-Up Tells the Story of Two Local Chefs

Catch Jihee Kim and Joshua Pressman's Dandi at the Hotel Normandie later this month
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Inside the Complicated Journey of Baroo, L.A.’s Most Quixotic Restaurant

Baroo won hearts, closed, re-opened (sort of), and plans to expand

Cheap Eats: This Restorative Korean Soup Is the Perfect Rainy Day Meal

Find great bowls for cheap at this refined Koreatown spot

The Little-Known Histories of Koreatown’s Signature Dishes

These foods may seem mysterious, but with every curious flavor comes a colorful explanation

The Deal with Tom N Toms, the Korean Version of Starbucks

The Seoul-based coffee company's gone grande in L.A.

Tomato R+D Brings Korean-Italian Fusion to Rowland Heights

Chef Jung Soon Yang creates dishes like Bacon and Kimchi Pilaf

“Kick It” with Roy Choi and A Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi White at POT Tonight

A one-night-only Korean soul food pop-up collaboration, with music from DJ Rhettmatic