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Foam Finger: Kobe Bryant, Underdog?

The Vino keeps getting better and better. So how is it that Kobe Bryant is also the player we're all hoping will succeed?

Hublot: The Official Watch of L.A. Ballers

Rappers may brag about their Hublots, but Kobe Bryant just got one made in his honor

Foam Finger: Fear and Loathing on the Lakers Playoff Trail

Last night’s roller coaster win over the Toronto Raptors gave Kobe Bryant ample opportunities to make his favorite face, which, like his playing, is more fun to watch as time goes by.

Foam Finger: Kobe Bryant’s Got A Brand New Nickname. Will It Get The Lakers to the Playoffs?

As if the list of nicknames for Kobe Bryant wasn't long enough already

Bill Simmons Shoots, He Scores

One of the Internet’s first success stories, the ESPN columnist writes about sports like he’s living in the cheap seats