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Beverly Hills Store Bans Face Masks Citing Unsolvable Robberies

Kitson in Beverly Hills says the move to ban masks is not political or medical, but to stop the store from getting robbed left and right

5 Items We’ll Miss When the Last Kitson Boutique Closes on Sunday

Where are we going to get a solar-powered Pope Francis and brass knuckle mugs? Actually, we’ve got you covered

Want it Now: Leopard Print Accents

A chunky-heeled calf hair boot will have you seeing spots

Best Socks

Stop dragging your feet. A walk on the wild side starts here

Bold Feet: TOMS and Kitson Pair Up for an L.A.-Themed Collab

Kitson, TOMS, and Los Angeles are apparently involved in a love triangle

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of Kitson

Dave Gardetta on how one store has become the trendiest on the map