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Are Kim and Kanye Finally Kaput?

Reports say Kimye is headed to Splitsville

Lots of People Seem to Have the Same Question About Kim Kardashian’s Big 40th Birthday Trip

Kim K. was humbly reminded how privileged she is—so she humbly reminded the rest of us too
kim kardashian kanye west kris jenner

Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West’s Recent Behavior and Asks for ‘Compassion’

She says she and her family are ’powerless’ amid the rapper’s public mental health crisis
kylie jenner blackfishing

Kylie Jenner’s Makeup-Free Coronavirus Outing Revives ‘Blackfishing’ Chatter

Barefoot and smiling, the mogul was snapped looking plenty different during the pandemic
marcus hyde photographer nudes

Kim K.’s Personal Photographer Allegedly Tried to Solicit Nudes from an L.A. Model

Marcus Hyde has been accused of the ultimate in creepy behavior
kimono kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian Rethinks the Name of Her Shapewear Line After the Internet Says #KimOhNo

The reality star thought trademarking the name of a traditional Japanese garment was a cool idea; people didn't agree
kim kardashian west fashion nova

The Internet Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Leaking Her High-Fashion Looks to Fast-Fashion Brands

Theories are floating around that the Kardashian is in cahoots with fast-fashion brands to produce her looks on the low

The Ivy’s Reputation for Drawing B-List Celebrities Remains Intact

The famous and aspiring have long used the tiny cottage’s alfresco deck as a conduit to the tabloids

5 Things Kanye West Could Sell From His Hidden Hills Home To Put Towards His Debt

The rapper is $53 million in the hole, per his Twitter