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Food Flick Friday: Drip, a Coffee Documentary

Another food-focused project seeks funding on Kickstarter

Kickstarters Rejoiced at Last Night’s Veronica Mars Movie Premiere

Check out the talent on the carpet at the Hollywood premier

Bigmista’s Asks for $20,000 to Help Open DTLA Restaurant

The internet is awash in fundraising campaigns but few of them are as sweet—or as smoky—as Bigmista's

The Last Romantic: Nature Meets Art in the Stunning Photos of Harun Mehmedinović

With Bloodhoney* the photographer shatters the monotony of everyday life and tempts fate as a matter of principle.

Fishing for Money for a Dark L.A. Comedy

Guinevere, who has lived in L.A. for the last 15 years, wants your money for her latest feature, "Creeps."

L.A. Freeway Fun Map

Boston design firm creates stylish new guide to L.A. freeways

‘Singin’ in the Rain’: Cinefamily Debuts New Projector

If it's been years since you've seen 'Singin’ in the Rain'—or if you haven't seen it at all—here's the perfect excuse.

Skywriting Shenanigans

When comedian Kurt Braunohler mentioned the project a few weeks ago while he was onstage, we thought the idea was so crazy he was kidding. Apparently, it was so crazy it actually worked.

Kickstarting AIDS Awareness for the Younger Set

Lady Gaga could make her big-screen debut as Ruby, a musical prodigy whose rise to fame is coupled with a descent into a world of drugs and HIV/AIDS, but only if the flick's crowdfunding campaign pays off

Two L.A. Breweries Crowdsourcing Start-Up Funds on Kickstarter

Los Angeles Ale Works & Cosmic Brewery seek their own permanent locations with help from social drinkers like you.