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Former Republican Radio Host Kevin James Enters the Race for L.A. City Attorney

The one-time mayoral candidate entered City Hall and changed parties—and now he's aiming even higher

The Pileup: Today’s Top Local News 5/6/13

Get up to speed on the essential stories of the day

Kevin James Joins Eric Garcetti’s Team of Rivals

The L.A. mayoral hopeful has won the endorsement of all three candidates defeated in the March primary

STILL Running For Mayor: A Garcetti/Greuel Update

Two weeks after an embarrassingly low number of Angelenos cast their ballots in exchange for an “I voted” sticker, mayoral candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel are working to broaden their support bases

The Evolution of Kevin James

The republican mayoral candidate’s campaign isn’t just working to distance him from his opponents—it’s working to distance him from his hardline social conservative past

And Now, The Long Shot

Among Los Angeles’s field of mayoral candidates, Kevin James sticks out like plaid on polka dots