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Black vs. Brown: The Ugly History Behind the City Council Scandal

Why are old-guard Latino politicians so angry at their African American neighbors? It goes back 40 years.

The Los Angeles Mayoral Race, in 22 Chapters (Part I)

Cityside Column: Looking at the twists, turns and key moments in the 32-month (!) campaign that led to a Karen Bass-Rick Caruso throwdown
Cowardly Leon

Recall De Le贸n Campaign Seeks 25K Signatures as Council Disruption Continues

Despite calls to resign, City Council member Kevin de Le贸n has yet to step down, leading to a petition to remove him by vote
City Hall Racism Protest

L.A. City Council Returns to Raucous Chamber in Raging Racism Scandal

City Council members returned to the chamber along with hordes of protestors demanding Councilmen Kevin de Le贸n and Gil Cedilla resign

City Hall Scandal May Be Good News for Indicted and Unpaid Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas

Cityside Column: Efforts to get the suspended councilman his pay heat up, with prominent Black leaders getting involved
Kevin de Le贸n avoiding voters in panic room

Protests Mount Near Kevin De Le贸n’s House as He Defies Calls to Quit Council

Protestors vow to remain nearby shamed L.A. City Councilman Kevin de Le贸n鈥檚 Eagle Rock digs until he gets out of the government
Kevin de Le贸n with a manufactured apologetic face

Kevin de Le贸n Speaks: Embattled L.A. City Councilman Has No Plans To Resign

The councilman has asked to be excused from meetings as the fallout from the City Hall leaked audio scandal continues

Paul Krekorian Wins City Council Presidency Then Promises to Diminish Its Power

Cityside Column: With the city still reeling, we will have to wait and see if the new council president will end the "era of unilateral decision-making鈥

Councilmen Cedillo and De Le贸n Stripped of Committees After Racist Leak

L.A. City Councilmen Cedillo and De Leon are testing the council鈥檚 patience in refusing to quit, so they鈥檙e being put in a corner

Kevin de Leon Received Hot Money Donations From Known Mobster

An underworld crime figure associated with L.A.'s Armenian mob donated to the campaign to elect de Leon, who was stripped of committee assignments on Monday