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Bite of the Week: Beef and Lamb Birria Burrito from Katsuji Tanabe’s Mexikosher

An up-close look at our editors’ favorite bites from around the city

Chef Katsuji Tanabe of Mexikosher is Back for More with Top Chef Mexico

The city’s unanimous number one kosher Japanese-Mexican chef held a mole throwdown to kick off the new show

Two-Night Top Chef Pastrami Pop Up

Two of L.A.’s contenders for this season’s Top Chef Boston, Mexikosher’s Chef Katsuji Tanabe and Chef Mei Lin of INK, will host a multi-course pastrami feast this Wednesday and Thursday

3 L.A. Chefs to Star on Upcoming Season of Top Chef

Bravo's cooking show will feature local chefs Mei Lin, Katsuji Tanabe, and Aaron Grissom when it premieres in October