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Unveiled: Eric Garcetti’s Official Portrait by Street Artist Shepard Fairey

Cityside Column: L.A.’s 42nd mayor and the man behind the "André the Giant Has a Posse" campaign and iconic Obama ”Hope” poster are ”kindred spirits”
Police car on the street

Council Eyes Renewed LAPD Reform After 3 Arrest Deaths in 25 Hours

After 3 men died in a day during LAPD encounters, the City Council wants an “Office of Unarmed Response" to address the public safety crisis

LAPD Chief’s 2nd Term Maneuvers Are a Case of Arrested Development

Cityside Column: Michel Moore may continue to run the department, but a botched announcement has created unnecessary hurdles

2023 Preview: Under-the-Radar Leaders to Watch in Los Angeles

Cityside Column: Yes, you should pay attention to more than the new mayor and other high-profile figures this year in Los Angeles

Lancaster Declares ‘Emergency’ Fearing Bass Will Send L.A.’s Homeless

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass spoke of creating a “village” for the homeless in Antelope Valley, and Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris freaked out

Critics Challenge Karen Bass to Live Up to Her Talk on Homeless Crisis

Mayor Bass declared a state of emergency and literally promised to solve the homeless problem, but some fear it’s just business as usual

City Hall-Adjacent Homeless Encampment Cleared for Bass Inauguration

Unhoused individuals in an encampment at 1st and Spring were moved from the area and taken to a temporary homeless facility

The Strange Days of the Karen Bass Transition Period

Cityside Column: Even as excitement over the mayor-elect grows, some curious employment decisions raise eyebrows

Why L.A.’s Next Mayor Won the Election Is Obvious—She’s Karen Bass

Cityside Column: Rick Caruso could have spent $500 million. Going up against this candidate at this time, he was destined to finish second

Karen Bass Projected to Win Los Angeles Mayor’s Race

The Associated Press declared the U.S. representative and longtime politician the victor in the tight race with real estate mogul Rick Caruso