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Let’s Stop Pretending That Karen Bass Taking the Mayor’s Race Lead Changes Anything

Cityside Column: The U.S. Rep. will finish first in the primary, but the runoff is a different and uncertain beast than the November election

Karen Bass Now Leads Rick Caruso for Mayor—Thanks to Mail-In Voting

Bass is now seeing key support pour in from a surging number of mail-in ballots after a new law ensures ballots are sent to all voters statewide

The Mayoral Primary Results Tell Us Absolutely Nothing About Who Will Be the Next Mayor of Los Angeles

Cityside Column: Karen Bass and Rick Caruso can both find dark clouds and silver linings in the mischievous returns

Karen Bass v Rick Caruso: Here’s Who Celebrities Are Endorsing for L.A. Mayor

From Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg to Magic Johnson and Ariana Grande, these stars have vocalized who will receive their vote Tuesday

Ranking All 15 Los Angeles Election Day Ballot Battles!

Cityside Column: Rick Caruso, Karen Bass, Mitch O’Farrell and Alex Villanueva are just the tip of the iceberg as vote-tabulating day arrives

Can Karen Bass Withstand the Withering Assault of Rick Caruso Attack Ads?

Cityside Column: The nasty commercials are unending. They may also be effective

Kevin De León Thinks He Can Knock Rick Caruso or Karen Bass Out of the Mayoral Runoff

Cityside Column: The councilmember spends his cash and makes a final push as election day nears

Rick Caruso’s Campaign Spending is Even More Whopping Than You Think

Cityside Column: Los Angeles has never seen anything like the $34 million—and counting!—that the developer has unleashed on his mayoral quest

Teflon Caruso: Will Anything Ever Stick to Rick?

Cityside Column: Attacks have so far slid off the billionaire developer. As the mayoral election approaches, will Karen Bass start swinging?

L.A. Mayoral Race: Does Mike Feuer Backing Karen Bass Actually Help Rick Caruso?

Cityside Column: A thinning mayoral field might benefit the cash-flinging, ad-happy developer