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Fired Teachers at Kanye West’s Donda Academy File Suit Over Alleged Racism, Bizarre Conditions

Sushi every day while sitting on the floor, wearing all black, and artwork and color in the classroom banned by the rapper, the suit alleges

Yeezy Break-Up Leaves Adidas With Potentially Historic Loss

The German sportswear company may see its first annual loss in 31 years after parting ways with Ye, aka Kanye West

Kanye’s Lawyers Are Buying Newspaper Ads to Tell Him They Quit

After months trying to find elusive antisemite Ye, a law firm asked a judge's permission to serve the disgraced rapper through the papers

Kanye West Reportedly Marries Yeezy Staffer in Secret Ceremony

Are they officially married or is this the courtship phase? Either way, the rapper seems head over heels with his head of architecture at Yeezy

Cancel Culture Has Been Reduced to Time-Out for Adults

News Analysis: Five years after the dawn of the #MeToo era, some reviled men are now being forgiven, reconsidered, or given a pass. Perhaps they were never ”canceled” at all

Kanye West and His Collaborator Have Both Gone Missing In L.A.

Kanye West seems to have made himself scarce as a bill collector approached, but his collaborator, Theophilus London, vanished in July

Kanye West Tossed from Twitter Again for Incitement to Violence, Swastika

Boss Elon Musk suspended Ye’s account after the wildly Jew-obsessed artist posted a graphic of the Star of David with a swastika inside

Crazy Racist Kanye Tells Alex Jones About ‘Good Things’ Hitler Did

Before praising Hitler to Sandy Hook denier Jones, Ye walked off Tim Pool’s podcast when lightly challenged on his endless antisemitism

Kanye Took Far-Right Racist Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago! Wait, Who?

Nick Fuentes, former child star of the arch right, went with Kanye West to meet Trump, and the media’s livid over the young monster

Dave Chappelle Explores Ye’s Antisemitism and Hollywood Jews on SNL

Chappelle, no stranger to controversy and backlash, said even he doesn't know how to advise Kanye West at this point