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Who’ll Be Tapped to Fill Kamala Harris’s Senate Seat? Let’s Take a Look at the Odds

Gov. Gavin Newsom gets to choose California’s next U.S. Senator. Who will it be?
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Dwayne Johnson Endorses Joe Biden and ‘Certified Badass’ Kamala Harris

The actor and former wrestler has stayed out of the political fray—until now
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Why Kamala Harris May Be the Perfect Weapon Against Trump

While a California politician with a law-and-order reputation might not have seemed like an obvious choice to become Joe Biden's running mate, people close to vetting process saw things differently
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Kamala Harris’s Chuck Taylors Are a Big Hit on the Campaign Trail

Sneakers actually have a long legacy of being subtly political
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Kamala Harris’s VP Nomination Gives Joe Biden a Record-Breaking Fundraising Bump

The California senator has been a welcome addition to the ticket for many Democratic donors
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If Kamala Becomes VP, Do These L.A. Dems Have a Shot at Her Seat?

Early odds in the horse race to potentially become California’s next U.S. senator
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Kamala Critics Are Going Back to the Birther Playbook

Claims about the Senator’s heritage and citizenship have seen renewed life online since she was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate
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Everyone From Karen Bass to TV’s Veep Congratulates Kamala Harris

Joe Biden’s history-making Vice Presidential pick has famous Dems literally atwitter
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If Kamala Harris Becomes VP, What Happens to Her Senate Seat?

Political insiders are already speculating about who might take her spot