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kamala harris 2020 campaign

Kamala Harris Is Out of the Presidential Race

She informed staff in a conference call on Tuesday morning
joe biden california

Why Did Biden and Warren Ditch the California Dems’ Big Event?

There were two notable absences at the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach

Kamala Harris Wants Liz Warren to Call for Trump to Be Booted from Twitter

And she wasn’t the only one at Warren's throat at last night's Democratic debate
kamala harris 2020 campaign

After a Stop at the Abbey, Kamala Harris Promises an LGBTQ Advocate in the White House

The candidate swung by WeHo in advance of tonight's LGBTQ town hall
kamala harris dianne feinstein

Dianne Feinstein Throws Her Support Behind Biden Instead of Fellow California Senator Harris

Feinstein praised Biden's "moral fortitude" in her endorsement of the former VP
kamala harris is kamala still running democratic debate california democrats

Kamala Harris Is Eyeing Iowa to Reverse Her Summer Slump—but Can That Save Her Campaign?

It may take more than a change of venue to pull the California senator out of fourth place and into contention
dem debate winner

The Third Dem Debate: ‘Word Salad,’ Missed Opportunities, and One Historic First

Who won in Houston last night? Depends who you ask
kamala harris taylor swift

What’s with Kamala’s Big Dip in the Polls?

Conservatives think it was a Medicare for All waffle, but other factors may be at play
kamala harris 2020 campaign

Kamala Harris Courted the Bay Area’s Elite to Fund Her Rise in Politics

From Gettys to Schwabs, the former D.A. cultivated an impressive list of donors on her way to the top
democratic debate night 2

Who’ll Make It to the Next Round of Dem Debates and Who’s Out?

The second round of Democratic Primary Debates may have been a last hoorah for several presidential hopefuls