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Weinstein’s Lawyers Claim Accuser’s “False Version” of Events Merits L.A. Retrial

A new motion cites interviews with jurors who say they wouldn’t have convicted had they known the woman had a relationship with another producer

Bratz Billionaire Accidentally Triggers Terrorism Mistrial in OC Courthouse

Isaac Larian—CEO of Bratz dolls maker MGA Entertainment—was in court for his own case when he visited another trial during private testimony

Mistrial Declared in T.I.’s Toymaker Lawsuit After Race is Introduced

Toymaker MGA Entertainment’s lawyer calls the deposition excerpt about cultural appropriation heard by jurors ”really, really prejudicial”

T.I. and Tiny’s Lawsuit Over O.M.G. Dolls Goes to Trial

The couple says MGA Entertainment used the likenesses of her daughter’s former band, OMG Girlz, for the hit toys