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The Bryce Howard-Chris Pratt Pay Rift Was More Jurassic Than We Knew

They “Happy Days” dynasty royal told Insider that the pay discrepancy between herself and Chris Pratt even offended her meaty co-star
tiki drink recipes

Could You Use a Cocktail? Here Are Some Tiki Drink Recipes Courtesy of Universal Studios

The shuttered theme park is hosting a Jurassic World viewing party, complete with drinks from the Isla Nu-Bar
jurassic world ride universal studios hollywood

Universal’s New Jurassic World Ride Looks Scary, Which Is Fun

A new teaser has dinos and destruction
Judy Greer

Judy Greer

The Ant-Man actress shares her L.A. story

The Los Angeles Zoo Finally Jumps on the #JurassicZoo Trend

Jurassic World has spawned a meme amongst zookeepers the world over

Jurassic World Premiere: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

There was science and singing at the Dolby Theater
Jurassic World

Your Guide to the Mall in Jurassic World

Your only food choices are sushi, Yoshinoya, or Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville