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Best Fireworks

Photograph courtesy flickr/Bayasaa If a soaring rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” synchronized to bursts of colored embers streaking across the night sky doesn’t spark your patriotic fire, we’re not sure...

Doctor’s Orders

Vibrators and other sex toys are—no pun intended—big business, and nobody in the United States makes more of them than the father-son team who runs the Valley’s own Doc Johnson. Dave Gardetta roams their empire of rubber

Guess Again

Who could forget those ad campaigns? In an era awash in neon, Paul Marciano presented the most beautiful women of the ’80s—Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, Anna Nicole Smith—in evocative...

July 2012

Best New Bars

Venus Rising

Illustration by Gracia Lam If you want to have a lively, occasionally combative conversation, just mention the HBO series Girls to a group of women. Even as the show arrives...

Casa Ado

The house-made preparations range from the mainstream to the intriguing in this Marina del Rey spin-off beside the Venice Pier.

Close Shave: Snow Ice Arrives Just In Time For Summer

Photograph by Misha Gravenor Kogi BBQ truck cofounder Mark Manguera first fell in love with xue hua bing, the frozen delight known as snow ice, while taking his daughter for...

Close Up On: The Hollywood Sign

This month the Hollywood Sign takes yet another star turn as the subject of our How L.A. Works column. The Hollywood Preservation Trust granted writer Nancy Miller rare access...

Dave Gardetta’s Top Ten Hits

Read the most popular features by the Los Angeles magazine writer-at-large

High Brow

Photograph by Joseph Shin Cat-eye frames, named for the feline appearance they gave the wearer, were a hot fashion accessory in the 1950s. The top ridge, or browline, eventually became...