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These 13 Innovations Changed the World—and They All Originated in L.A.

From fast food and gangster rap to skateboarding and the internet, these origin stories are set in SoCal
jack parsons strange angel 1935

A Forgotten Pasadena Rocket Scientist and Occultist Inspired a New TV Show

Strange Angel chronicles the life of Jack Parsons, a man caught between science and the occult

Catch a Glimpse of the First-Ever Planetary Mission to Launch From the West Coast

NASA is going from California to Mars, and it may be worth getting up early to check it out

Your Once-a-Year Chance to Go Inside NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Is Here

It’s one of the hottest tickets in the universe

How Southern California Became a Place Where Science and Sci-Fi Collided

A new exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of History reveals a culture steeped in visions of the future

Really Though, A Major L.A. Earthquake Is Almost Certainly On the Way

A recent study from Jet Propulsion Laboratory has calculated the odds—and they are definitely not in our favor

Optimism, the Future, and Why I Loved The Martian

Watching Matt Damon’s character "science the shit" out of his limited resources made me think more about drought than any ad campaign ever could