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Judy Greer

Judy Greer

The Ant-Man actress shares her L.A. story

How to Pack Your Bags for Joshua Tree

Pack lightly to wander into the weird wonders of Joshua Tree

Alma Allen

The Joshua Tree furniture designer, who has collaborated with Heath Ceramics and outfitted the Palm Springs Ace Hotel, is best known for carving logs into chic tables.

Your Psychedelic Joshua Tree Getaway: High Desert Test Sites

The high desert confab focuses on works that interact with the landscape while inspiring creativity—but without all the art world hoopla.

Moby, Joshua Tree, And The Edge Of Space And Time

That nice Mr. Moby just send over this new collaboration with Mark Lanegan shot around Joshua Tree and around the Mojave.
Ed Rosenthal

Under the Desert Sun

Scant water. Blistering heat. When prominent real estate broker Ed Rosenthal went missing for six days in Joshua Tree one summer weekend, people assumed that he was a goner. They were wrong.