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howlin' ray's hot chicken line chinatown

What It’s Like to Brave the Line at Howlin’ Ray’s

Is their Nashville-style hot chicken worth the three-hour wait?

This Chinatown Shopping Center Is Home to Some of the Best Restaurants in the City

Far East plaza boasts game-changing Filipino food and hot chicken like nobody's business

How Johnny Ray Zone Taught Us to Love the Hurt of Nashville Hot Chicken

The ex-fine dining chef is turning his attention to a fiery regional specialty
Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken

Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken Ditches the Truck to Heat up Hollywood

Fiery fried chicken with grilled cheese pillows finds a permanent home
Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken

The Heat, Hurt, and Pleasure of Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken

With a food truck set to roll, Johnny Ray Zone’s recent pop-up gave L.A. a rare taste of Nashville cuisine