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Cancel Culture Has Been Reduced to Time-Out for Adults

News Analysis: Five years after the dawn of the #MeToo era, some reviled men are now being forgiven, reconsidered, or given a pass. Perhaps they were never ”canceled” at all

It’s Over: Amber Heard Settles with Johnny Depp for $1 Million

Amber Heard has settled with ex-hubby Johnny Depp in their dueling defamation suits for a fraction of the $10.35 million judgment against her

Amber Heard Appeals $10M Johnny Depp Defamation Suit Hit

Amber Heard’s lawyers warn that her loss with have of a “chilling effect” on women who are abused by powerful, prominent men

Johnny Depp is Dating His Former Lawyer—And it’s Not Camille Vasquez

“It's serious," sources say of Depp's rumored affair with Joelle Rich, who repped him in his U.K. libel case and is married but separated

Johnny Depp’s Directing a Pic with Pacino as Amber Heard Fires Lawyers

Al Pacino will produce Depp’s first directing job in 25 years, to go along with the many other fortunes that have befallen him lately

The Sweet Smell of Depp: Johnny Scores 7-Figure Cologne Deal with Dior

The multi-year contract will transform 59-year-old Johnny Depp into the new face of the multinational brand’s Sauvage

Trouble Indemnity: Why Amber Heard’s Home Insurance Policy May Have Paid Her Legal Fees

Amber Heard’s homeowners policy may have paid her legal bills from Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit and trial

Facing Massive Johnny Depp Debt, Amber Heard Sells Yucca Desert Hideaway

Heard didn’t even use the modest Mohave house she bought in 2019 until the trial started, and now she is selling her refuge

Golden Boy Johnny Depp Just Made Millions as an Art Sensation

Johnny Depp has hauled in $3.6 million with his debut collection as the latest darling of the fickle and hard-to-swindle art world

Amber Heard, Female Fans Harassed in Organized Twitter Campaign

Many of the online abusers were real people acting together, not bots, says research firm Bot Sentinel, which analyzed over 14,000 tweets