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Depp Trial: Amber Talks Apocalyptic End of Her Marriage with Johnny Depp

”The monster had become normal and not the exception,” Heard said, and jurors saw new photos which the defense claims depicts abuse

Depp Trial: Flacks for Johnny and Amber Get Nasty Outside Court

Johnny Depp’s reps say Amber Heard gave ”the performance of her life” on the stand, and her people return fire

Depp Trial: Amber Says Johnny Beat Her Over James Franco Jealousy

”No one said anything, no one did anything” when Depp slapped and kicked her on a private plane, Heard said on her second day of testimony

Depp Trial: Amber Heard’s First Day of Testimony Told of Her Texas Childhood—and Shocking Abuse from Depp

Heard alleged that Depp hit, slapped, and shoved her—even performed a body-cavity search to look for his drugs

Depp Trial: Accountant Says Amber’s Op-Ed Cost Johnny $40 Million

An account on Team Depp says Amber cost him a fortune, while a motion to strike was denied and Heard will be called to testify

Depp Trial: Amber Punched Johnny, Johnny ‘Rearranged Her Closet’

Former bodyguard Travis McGivern witnessed physical abuse toward Depp as well as vicious verbal arguments

Depp Trial: Johnny’s Security Guard Saw Injuries on Him, Not Heard

The security agent recalls that Depp bore signs of possible domestic abuse, and remembers Amber Heard ”screaming”

‘Paranoid’ Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Defamation Trial Begins

Heard’s defense against Depp's $50 million claim is that he's an “obsessed ex-husband hellbent on revenge”