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The Sweet Smell of Depp: Johnny Scores 7-Figure Cologne Deal with Dior

The multi-year contract will transform 59-year-old Johnny Depp into the new face of the multinational brand’s Sauvage

Amber Heard, Female Fans Harassed in Organized Twitter Campaign

Many of the online abusers were real people acting together, not bots, says research firm Bot Sentinel, which analyzed over 14,000 tweets

Depp Trial Done? Amber Heard’s Mistrial Motion Denied by Judge

Meanwhile, from the peanut gallery, Mickey Rourke declared Heard a “gold digger" when TV's Piers Morgan asked the actor his thoughts

Depp Trial—Once More with Feeling? Heard Wants Mistrial in Jury Snafu

Plus: Amber Heard's insurance company is bailing on her legal costs, saying it “doesn’t believe it has an ongoing obligation" to defend her

Depp Trial Redux: Amber Says Toss Verdict, Johnny and Superstar Lawyer Party

Amber Heard wants the verdict in her $10 million loss to Depp dismissed as Johnny fetes his newly-minted CA super-attorney, Camille Vasquez

Depp Trial Forever: Johnny Gets $301M to Reprise Jack Sparrow Role?

Depp testified he wouldn’t do another ”Pirates” film for “300 million and 1 million alpacas” but the studio apparently called his bluff

Depp Trial Juror: ‘None of Us Were Really Fans of Either One of Them’

A juror told ”GMA” that the panel found Depp more authentic than ”aggressor” Heard, and that the verdict wasn't influenced by social media

Depp Trial Beyond: Amber Heard Knows She ‘Wasn’t a Likable Victim’

"I get to be a mom, full-time, where I'm not having to juggle calls from lawyers," Heard said about her future plans

Depp Trial Beyond: Amber Says Johnny Lied and She’s Still in ‘Aquaman 2’

”To my dying day, I’ll stand by every word,” Heard said, while her rep insists she’s still in that D.C. movie you don't care about

Here’s How Johnny Depp’s Lawyer, Camille Vasquez, Just Made Partner

"If I can be an inspiration to young women that want to go to law school and study and work hard, then it was all worth it,” she said