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Joe Rogan Says He’s a ‘Bleeding Heart’ on Many Issues, Not a Republican

Podcast emperor Rogan elaborated that critics “can suck my dick” if they think he’s secretly in league with conservatives

Trevor Noah Under Fire From Joe Rogan Supporters Over N-Word Debate

“For the most part, as a white person, you never need to use the N-word," says "The Daily Show" host

Neil Young and Donald Trump Each Have Messages for Spotify and Joe Rogan

The rock pioneer is encouraging Spotify employees to quit their job, while EX-POTUS is urging the podcaster to ”stop apologizing”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Expresses Support for Joe Rogan Amid Backlash

“Look forward to coming on one day and breaking out the tequila with you,” Johnson tells Rogan

Spotify Drops Neil Young After Joe Rogan Ultimatum

The rock god has given Spotify an ultimatum. They can fire their biggest star or delete Young’s music
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Ben Shapiro’s Right-Wing Website the Daily Wire Is Moving Its HQ from L.A. to Nashville

The conservative media outlet’s staffers cite L.A.’s high rent prices and "declining quality of life"

What Should You Do on New Year’s Eve?

Let this helpful flowchart dictate your evening