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garcetti biden los angeles

Why the Mayor’s Presidential Pick Is So Very Garcetti

Backing Biden may not be the sexiest choice, but it could be the most pragmatic
garcetti biden endorsement

Mayor Eric Garcetti Has Endorsed Joe Biden for President

He will also serve as a national co-chairman of the Biden campaign

Since Nobody Asked About Housing in Last Night’s Debate, Here’s Where the Democratic Candidates Stand

The moderators skipped over an issue that's at the forefront in California
jacob wohl

Has Jacob Wohl Finally Scammed His Way into Prison?

A Trump-obsessed 21-year-old from Riverside became famous for launching smear campaigns against GOP opponents. Now his latest scheme has him in the hot seat
joe biden california

Why Did Biden and Warren Ditch the California Dems’ Big Event?

There were two notable absences at the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach
democratic debate night 2

Hollywood Libs Still Can’t Seem to Settle on a Democratic Candidate

As the star-studded fundraisers roll on and the donations roll in, no clear consensus has formed
tom steyer democratic debate

You Won’t Be Seeing California Billionaire Tom Steyer in the Next Dem Debate

The deep-pocketed populist known for his anti-Trump TV ads falls short
democratic debate night 2

Who’ll Make It to the Next Round of Dem Debates and Who’s Out?

The second round of Democratic Primary Debates may have been a last hoorah for several presidential hopefuls

Bidenjam is Back

Not to ruin your weekend or anything, but we’re about to ruin your weekend