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Joan Didion’s L.A.

She put words to the city’s subtle currents of menace and dread. Her work will stand as long as the city does.
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Joan Didion’s Prose Remains Peerless in ‘Let Me Tell You What I Mean’

The iconic author's latest collection of essays delves into her rejection from Stanford, the writing process, and her affection for Martha Stewart

The Brentwood of My Youth—Joan Didion’s Brentwood—Is Long Gone

Growing up in the Westside neighborhood in the late ’70s, I reveled in its affluent simplicity. Now, I hardly recognize it

Documentary Week on Ask Chris: Shotgun Freeway

Ride in the back of a convertible for a drive through lost L.A.

#TBT: Joan Didion Partied with Los Angeles Magazine in 1970

As if she wasn’t already the coolest
Tracy Daugherty

Joan Didion Remains as Elusive as Ever in The Last Love Song

The biography by Tracy Daugherty is released today

So Long Alexander Hamilton, Hello Joan Didion?

As discussion ramps up over which woman’s face will grace the $10, Joan Didion fans root for the author

Closing In on the Gap: Why Gap’s Downsizing Matters

Gap catalyzed and then fell victim to the popularity of normality