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These Were Our Favorite Places to Get Takeout in 2020

Takeout dominated the dining experience in 2020, and these tried-and-true L.A. restaurants dazzled with their to-go offerings

Freida Pinto

The Desert Dancer star gives us her L.A. Story

Adam Richman’s Man Finds Food Reveals Great Off-the-Menu L.A. Dishes

The April 1 L.A. episode features Jitlada’s Jazz Burger, Eric Greenspan’s Inside Out grilled-cheese sandwiches, and more

An Insider’s Guide to the New Upright Citizens Brigade Complex

Laughs come easy at the 14,000-square-foot theater and school in East Hollywood

Psst: 5 Off-Menu Dishes to Order Now

These days a restaurant’s honest-to-goodness regulars can be hard to distinguish from its Twitter followers, but it’s safe to say that if you’ve heard of the staff-only Oaxaca sandwich at Tender Greens, you’re on the inside track