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jim henson sesame street muppets

It’s Been 30 Years Since Jim Henson’s Death. Here’s How His Friends Are Honoring Him

Frank Oz and other close collaborators are paying tribute to the Muppets innovator with a free livestream
jim henson sesame street muppets

A New Jim Henson Exhibit Has More Than Muppets

From Sesame Street to Labyrinth, Imagination Unlimited reveals what the legendary puppeteer stood for

What Frank Oz Learned From Jim Henson: Just Shut the F*ck Up

The writer, director, and voice of Yoda and Miss Piggy reflects on life as a Muppeteer in a new doc

My LA to Z: Miss Piggy

The most glam member of the Muppets on In-N-Out, Yayoi Kusama, and her favorite places to see and be seen (but mostly be seen)

The Puppetzilla PuppetSlam Is a Real Thing, and It Looks Surprisingly Great

You think you know about puppet shows, but you have no idea

Time Frame: Charlie Chaplin Studios, 97 Years Ago and Now

When the Jim Henson Company bought a former film studio in 1999, it dressed a statue of Kermit as the Little Tramp in honor of the lot’s founder

Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train Live: Buddy’s Big Adventure

Dinosaur puppets populate a colorful show, based on the kids’ television program