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jim carrey in living color oral history

The Sketch that Made Jim Carrey a Star Started Out Way Darker Than the Version We Saw

“We were warped out of our minds,” Carrey recalls
jim carrey color him gone

Jim Carrey Needs Your Help Finishing His Latest Anti-Trump Work of Art

The actor-artist-activist asks fans to #ColorHimGone

Jim Carrey’s Political Drawings Are on Display in a New Gallery Show

The actor takes his Trump outrage IRL

How Many Celebrities Does it Take to Drive a Lincoln?

Ellen DeGeneres and Jim Carrey try to out-do Matthew McConaughey's famous commercial

Jim Carrey is Magnificent in This Spoof of Sia’s “Chandelier”

The only thing freakier than the child dancer in the original video is Jim Carrey in a leotard

As You Wish: Cary Elwes’s Book Party Was Hot

Jim Carrey, Mel Brooks, Priscilla Presley, Shepard Fairey, and Selma Blair showed up to party at Pearl's

Scene It Before: Edge City Savings & Loan from The Mask

Los Angeles played the role of Edge City in the Jim Carrey comedy, which celebrates its 20th birthday this week