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These 13 Innovations Changed the World—and They All Originated in L.A.

From fast food and gangster rap to skateboarding and the internet, these origin stories are set in SoCal

Optimism, the Future, and Why I Loved The Martian

Watching Matt Damon’s character "science the shit" out of his limited resources made me think more about drought than any ad campaign ever could

Mars Rover

After 352 million miles, Curiosity landed on Mars in August of last year. See how it runs.

Moby Is Lost In Space

The proud Angeleno shares his three favorite places to get out of this world
Santa Anas

The Burning Wind

Every autumn the Santa Anas come howling in from the desert. Impossible to predict, they have eluded definition by the scientists who study them. No wonder the winds put us on edge