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Oscars Winners 2022: See The List

CODA, Dune, Jessica Chastain, and Will Smith amongst the top Academy Awards winners
Matt Damon

The Martian Leaves Matt Damon Stranded on Mars

The first official trailer has landed

John Travolta and the Return of the Necklace

Jewels worn around the neck made a Michael Keaton-like comeback last night

Partyscope: Meat You Later

A new crop of power vegans and vegetarians proves you can be on top without going in for the kill

Quick Take: Zero Dark Thirty

All the unwavering dispassion of history and the steely resolve of the CIA

Oscar Nominees: Here’s What Your Stylist Won’t Tell You

How is it that on the biggest night of their life, some nominees look their worst? Blame their stylists...

Jury’s Still Out: Jessica Chastain’s Dress

Loved the color, hated the fit? The award for most divisive gown at the Golden Globes goes to...